The GCC rail industry is undergoing an unprecedented expansion and this is opening up a wide range of new investment opportunities. Aside from network construction and support services, the new links are already changing intra-GCC trade patterns and the location of distribution hubs. In addition, low-cost freight services creates opportunities for long-distance trade in building materials and other low-value high-volume goods, and exploitation of minerals beyond the petroleum sector.

Until a few years ago the region’s “rail system” comprised a few thousand kilometres of track with two rail lines in Saudi Arabia connecting Riyadh and Dammam and a single metro system in Dubai. Several substantial projects are now well underway (e.g. the Saudi Land Bridge and North-South line) and many more planned.

Over the next 25 years a full rail network is planned for development with over 10,000 km of lines linking all parts of the GCC. In addition, 7 new metro systems are planned or under construction in the GCC, while there are plans to more than double the length of the Dubai Metro.
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