IOTs & Multipliers

A wide range of economic multipliers are deployed to compare the impact and benefits of competing investments for a regional or national economy. These multipliers are based on input-output tables that encapsulate the interdependence of industries in an economy through market based transactions.
Our consultants have practical experience of constructing national and regional input-output tables.

These input-output tables, (and supporting supply use tables), have been built up from a mix of offical statistics and industry/company level data, which are then balanced for internal consistency and checked against those of similar economies.

From these tables we have generated a full range of multipliers (e.g. output, value added, employment by national/foreign worker, etc.) that are then used to inform investment decisions.
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GCC Input-Output Tables

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Lead consultant David Green has built input-output tables for Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and the UAE that are embedded in the Gobal Trade Aanlysis Project database (GTAP 8).